Sunday, 31 January 2010

There was a moon as brilliant as a searchlight a few nights ago but my mobile couldn't do justice to it.  That's one of the photos I took that night in the middle.

For the top pic I used an infrared filter and added a mirror border using a starry pic for the reflection.

The bottom pic is called Werewolf Moon.  I started with the middle photo and I had an idea to add a furry border and/or werewolf paw but while I was looking for paws I found a wolf paw print that I liked and decided on a different approach.  The print was a black silhouette on a white background which made the print easy to remove. I strestched it a little till I had the shape I wanted and arranged the photo till it showed through the print cut out the way I wanted it to.  Then I added fur to the white area, taking my time to make sure the fur had the long tousled werewolf look I was aiming for.  Because there wasn't much contrast between the fur and the sky I backlit the paw outline to give the effect of moonlight seeping through.  I added a white border and followed that with a black border.  I used another plugin to get the Gothic stone wall look and  added moss and lichen - green and orange blobs.  The white border didn't look right so I bevelled it giving it a similar blue tinge to the stone wall.  So there you are - full moon, seen through a hairy werewolf paw set in a Gothic stone border

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