Friday, 9 July 2010

Barrel and Mice Update

You remember all the trouble I had with my barrels? The way the water kept going milky and foul? Well I putt the fish in the older problem barrel a few days ago and the water is still clear. The fish  look happy and I'm gradually getting the barrel soaked so that the staves fit tightly together and the barrel will hold more water. At the moment the water is about two thirds up the barrel. If the water stays clear I think it must mean that the severe Winter killed off whatever was causing the problem - that and leaving the barrel to its own devices. I hope to add some gravel to the bottom of the barrel and then I'll be able to see my black Comet :-)

The mice. As the weather has been so good I've been putting out any I capture into the garden. I've got a plastic waste paper basket under my desk with smooth shiny sides. I leave a bit of hamster food in there and every so often I get up and find one or more mice in there. It's just a little bit too tall for them to jump out and believe me they can jump! This morning I got up to go to the loo and there were three in there so they went straight down the garden with me still in my nightshirt. lol When I got up properly there were another two in the basket so I let them go as well. There have been a lot of mice and I've loved having them but at this rate the house may be mouse-free by the end of the Summer. In the meantime I have food and water on my desk for the ones that are still here and I get a chance to watch them close up. Every once in a while I feel a tug on my skirt and it's one of them climbing up. They never get as far as my lap because they see me watching and jump down. But I can wait ;-)