Tuesday, 20 April 2010

No I Wasn't Abducted By Aliens

I know it's been ages since I last blogged but I've been busy (poor excuse) and my computer broke down (valid excuse). Actually my PC was rebooting every half hour at the finish and then refused to boot at all - the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death. I now have a brand new custom built computer in a smart black tower (I loathe beige) with lots of power and Windows 7, all of which I'm very pleased with. It's the best PC I've ever had. Anyone attempting to steal it will be severely flogged before I hand them over to the police so unless you're into that kind of thing don't even think about it. ;-)

So, updates...

Hephzibah's new cage is amazing but not to Hephzibah's taste. She didn't like wriggling up the tube to the wheel so didn't use it. I moved her back into the old cage and she seems a lot happier. There will be more photos of it showing the new wooden ladders and her treen (wooden) boudoir where she's sleeping as I type. She's got three levels in the old cage but only had one in the new one. I may buy some mice for the new cage - as if I didn't have enough mice living with me. lol I put food and water in the new cage and leave the door open and my house guests help themselves. They always run if they see me looking though. Sensible mice not to trust humans.

The fish are in their pot pond in the kitchen and will be cleaned our on Thursday. I've put it off for a while as I have some newly hatched snails in there and I didn't want to throw them out with the dirty water. They are smaller than the average pinhead so it would have been very easy not to see them. I don't know if the fish will eat them or not. Hope not. Each time I feed the fish they go after the flakes like a shoal of piranhas. Can it be Spring? Am I going to hear the splish splash of tiny fins I wonder?

In addition to the usual sparrows, collared doves, wood pigeons and starlings, I've had blue tits and recently a blackbird coming to the bird feeding station. I love his orange beak contrasting with his black feathers.

I went on a day trip to Bodeam Castle a few weeks back and took - as I thought - 40 or so photos on my new mobile (Sony Ericsson C903 with 5MP Cybershot camera)  I found out a couple of days ago that my pics are in fact videos and I don't know how to extract still photos from them. I am MORTIFIED. There must be a program out there that I can use but I don't know which one to try. I'm half inclined to dump the lot but I have a feeling if I do someone will say "Oh you should have used (name of program). It's great for extracting stills!" So  I shall hang on to them a while longer.

My next blog will be some poems that I wrote years ago. They're very romantic but if that isn't your taste don't worry I'll post a warning ;-)