Sunday, 31 January 2010

I'm really getting back into photography and I've recently started doing haiku poetry. I was encouraged by @gardenbuddha who is a friend of mine on Twitter. The photo above is one of mine. I silhouetted the houses below and added the following haiku

Soft bright rays shining
Clear skies make the heart rejoice
The silver lining

I wrote a batch of haikus one night and @gardenbuddha tipped me off that they'd been posted on a haiku site.  When I saw that they'd not only been posted but featured with a picture added I was overcome and moist eyed. I'm very new to this style of poetry so I never dreamed anything like that would happen.  Here is the link Dragonfly Archives


  1. Oh the pic is so lovely and the words....they are absolutely wonderful! I LOVE your haiku!!

  2. Thank you Kerri. I'm delighted that you've left comments

  3. I took the pic while I was waiting for a bus that never came! lol